PlayUp Racebook Wager Rewards


PlayUp Racebook is rewarding horseplayers for each dollar wagered and we have made it simple to cash in anytime!


You will earn player points based on handle and bet type and they will be added to your Wager Rewards account daily. The more you wager, the more points you will earn.


We even have VIP levels and can set up a Wager Rewards program suited perfectly to how you wager. Reach out to us at [email protected].

How PlayUp Racebook Wager Rewards Points Work

PlayUp Rewards are based on your handle each month as well as the types of bets you make. Let’s say you wager $2000 this month, $500 to win and $1500 in exacta and trifecta bets.

For your $500 in win bets you would earn 2000 points. You would earn approximately 12,000 points for your exotic bets. Your total of 14,000 could be cashed in for $35.00!

Points increase with each wagering level. At 1% you earn 4 points for each dollar wagered. The more you wager, the more points you will earn.

$100 bet at 1% = 400 points ($1.00)

$100 bet at 2% = 800 points ($2.00)

$100 bet at 3% = 1200 points ($3.00)

$100 bet at 4% = 1600 points ($4.00)

$100 bet at 5% = 2000 points ($5.00)

(VIP’s can earn much higher player rewards)

Here is an average for each wagering level:


Up to $2,500 - Wagers Per Month, 0.25%-1% - WPS, 1%-1.5% - Exotics


$2,501 to $5,000 - Wagers Per Month, 1%-1.5% - WPS, 1.5%-2% - Exotics


$5,001 to $10,000 - Wagers Per Month, 1%- 2% - WPS, 2.5%-3.5% - Exotics


$10,001 to $25,000 - Wagers Per Month, 2%-3% - WPS, 3%-4% - Exotics


$25,001 + - Wagers Per Month, TBD - WPS, TBD - Exotics

*These averages are based on horseplayers that play a variety of racetracks including thoroughbred and harness tracks. Some horseplayers will see lower rewards and others will receive higher based on actual tracks played and bet types. Horseplayers living in states with resident deductions or source market fees will see slightly lower rewards. Due to state deductions there are reduced or no wager rewards on some wagers in California, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Florida and Oregon.

PlayUp Racebook Wager Rewards Point Structure:

1000 points = $2.50

5000 points = $12.50

10,000 points = $25.00

25,000 points = $62.50

50,000 points = $125.00

100,000 points = $250.00

How Percentages are Calculated

The percentages are based on the takeout rate the track charges and the cost of each wager. You generally will earn more points at tracks that have higher takeouts and lower host and source market fees.

As a general rule you will earn more points for trifecta bets than exactas. And those point totals will be lower for special wagers like low takeout Pick 5 bets that many tracks are now offering.

It is important for horseplayers to know what the takeout rates at different tracks are as they vary greatly. For instance the takeout on an exacta wager can be anywhere from 17% to 25%. Host fees can vary at tracks as well.

At PlayUp Racebook we plan on being transparent with our rewards program. We will offer special promotions and will keep everyone up to date on low cost wagers, carryover pools and mandatory payouts to help you win.

Feel free to reach out to player services at [email protected] with any questions.